Tuesday June 10th on The Morning News – Halifax

The three Mounties who were killed in Moncton last week will be remembered in a regimental funeral on Tuesday and the Morning News will have extensive coverage. We’ll have live reporter updates throughout the morning from Moncton along with a look at how the rest of the Maritimes will also be remembering the fallen officers.

Maybe you picked up a gem over the weekend during the Curbside Giveaway – but now, you’re wondering what to do with it! The folks at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore are experts at giving old things new life. At 6:45 we’ll be joined by a member of the team who will give us some tips and tricks to rethink our garbage.

Bringing home a new puppy or kitten is an exciting and rewarding experience that will provide hours of laughter and fun. But but along with the joy and responsibility also comes the expense of pet ownership.  At 7:45 we’ll talk with our Money Sense Expert Leanne Salyzyn to find out more about how to plan financially for adding a pet to your family.

The quest to find Canada’s best comfort food is heading to the south shore of Nova Scotia. This week the Food Network program “You Gotta Eat Here” will feature a popular restaurant from the historic town of Lunenburg. At 8:15 we’ll talk with the people with the Salt Shaker Deli.

At 8:45 Tim Russesco will be by from The Downtown Dartmouth Business Comission to talk about a great event happening this Sunday. Switch Dartmouth is an event that will allow you to experience the city in a whole new way. Switch will open the streets to allow people to walk, jog, cycle, and enjoy!!


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