Province announces flood fighting help

CALGARY- Almost one year after floods devastated parts of southern Alberta, municipalities are getting some financial help from the province to protect their property from floods and other types of extreme weather.

The Alberta government announced a new grant program on Monday worth $325 million.

Municipalities, along with First Nations and Metis settlements, can apply for funds from the Alberta Community Resilience Program for projects that protect critical infrastructure.

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“We are committed to improving Alberta’s resilience when faced with floods and drought by providing the resources needed to protect our vulnerable communities,” said Robin Campbell, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, in a media release. “Our aim is to put effective mitigation solutions in place while respecting taxpayers’ dollars.”

The program will be run on a cost-share basis and will fund projects such as berms, dykes, and riverbank stabilization.

The grants will cover 90 per cent of  the cost  up to $3 million and 70 per cent of costs over $3 million.

Municipalities have until September 30 to apply for the first round of funding.

The province is committing a total of $600 million to flood mitigation.

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