Premier Brad Wall reassigns Cabinet Secretary in wake of expense scandal

REGINA – There appears to be more fallout from the Sask Party’s expense scandal as one of their members has been removed from the Senior Staff.

Rick Mantey has been reassigned by Premier Brad Wall – he will no longer be the Cabinet Secretary / Usher of the Black Rod, but will now be a Special Advisor to the Deputy Minister Of Parks, Culture And Sports.

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Mantey was involved in a recent expense scandal where government officials were accused by Sask. NDP of overspending, and using taxpayer money for personal costs while on business trips. Former Social Services Minister June Draude paid back $3600 spent on a car service in London, England after the expense was challenged.

Premier Brad Wall initially just put Mantey on probation for the expense scandal, but has now decided to re-assign him.

“The public deserves to know why a close advisor of Mr. Wall and one of the highest earners in government was quietly removed from his job,” said Trent Wotherspoon, Deputy Leader of the Opposition. “Were other inappropriate expenses or behavior discovered?”

Wall did not speak to Global News directly but did provide the statement below:

“Mr. Mantey will be moving to become the Special Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport, where he will have specific responsibilities for cultural and heritage projects.  While Mr. Mantey has served the government well as Cabinet Secretary over the past six and a half years, I was disappointed in some of the expenditure decisions he made related to the recent trips to London and Ghana.  That said, Mr. Mantey has a wealth of experience and skills that are of value to the government, so he will be moving to a position in Parks, Culture and Sport that is well suited to that skill set.”

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