Missing kangaroo named Mirka back home in Saint-Lazare – Montreal

ABOVE: After a 12-month-old domesticated kangaroo named Mirka escaped from a zoo therapy farm in St-Lazare, Que. on Sunday, zoo therapist Luc Lefebvre was very happy to have her home.

MONTREAL – The search is over for a young kangaroo named Mirka, who went missing from a zoo therapy farm in Saint-Lazare, Que. on Sunday.

The kangaroo was spotted in a neighbour’s backyard late this afternoon and came quickly to his trainer when called.

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The 12-month-old is being trained to work with children as part of a zootherapy project.

In a brief conversation with Global News, the kangaroo’s trainer Luc Lefebvre said that he has been completely preoccupied with his search for the missing marsupial.

Mirka was staying at Lefebvre’s farm, located at the corner of Fief and Sainte-Angélique in Saint-Lazare, an off-island town about a 40 minute drive from downtown Montreal.

Lefebvre said that he thought that the young animal may have hopped over a fence. He was worried for her safety, as Mirka is not used to being out on her own in the wild.

Although she is still bottle-fed, he said he believed she could survive by eating leaves.

Mirka will get some rest and tender, loving care before her training resumes later this week.

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