Local event raises over $130,000 to help Saskatchewan kids play sports – Regina

REGINA – Hundreds of participants took part in KidSport Regina’s 18th annual Fun and Fitness Corporate Challenge, playing a variety of unusual games, Saturday.

“We always bring up the example of hockey where $750 is sometimes not even covering just the registration,” said Lindsay Sutherland, provincial coordinator for Kidsport. “I mean, it’s hard for parents if you can’t afford it, and your child would really benefit from it, so that’s where we come in.”

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Last year, KidSport helped about 8,900 kids in Saskatchewan, granting $1.4 million to cover registration fees.

The event, located at the University of the Regina, included 34 teams this year, and a number of odd games, such as ‘shot in the dark beach volleyball,’ which featured a tarp covering the net and lower portion, not letting each team see each other.

Kassidy Smith, a recipient of the program’s registration fee coverage, spoke to the crowd at the event.

“I get to meet knew people, I get to do things that I love. And if I didn’t have sports, I kind of would be a little bit bored sometimes,” said the 11-year-old.

The teams are competed to claim the top prize – a trophy – but many agreed the real win goes beyond these games.

“So they can play sports like me and get the privilege, and, so it makes me feel better knowing that other kids get to play hockey and enjoy the sport like I have,” said Brandon Brezinski, who was on the Sasktel team.

Geoff Reed, decked out in a Red Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers costume, shared the same sentiments.

“They’re the next generation. Money shouldn’t be the object, they should be able to go do what they want,” said Reed, who was on the Clifton Associates team.

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