Co-accused in U of S residence sexual assault trial take stand – Saskatoon

Warning – the following story contains language that some people may find offensive.

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SASKATOON – On Friday, court heard the two accused in a sexual assault case tell their version of what happened on New Year’s Day 2012 in Saskatoon.

Accused of drugging and repeatedly raping a woman both vaginally and anally, co-accused Farouk Sadiq and Butchang Nkem said the sex was consensual.

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  • Accused in sexual assault says he didn’t rape woman

During cross-examination, Farouk Sadiq testified that the alleged victim initiated the idea of sex in the entrance of the student residence.

Once upstairs, Sadiq said the alleged victim led him into a bedroom where they had sex twice.

He testified to momentarily leaving the woman twice that night to get condoms and to go to the washroom. Both times he said she was awake, he never drugged her and the only thing he regrets was cheating on his former girlfriend.

“I suggest to you she laid down on the bed, with her boots on and passed out,” said the Crown, which areallegations Sadiq denied.

While in the bathroom the second time, Sadiq denied hearing the bedroom door open.

“I didn’t know Butchang had sex with her or anyone else,” said Sadiq on the stand.

Butchang Nkem, now 25-years-old, testified to celebrating New Year’s Eve with family at church before heading to Beily’s with Sadiq and another friend where they would eventually party with friends and the alleged victim.

He testified he knew the alleged victim, danced with her and others upon arriving at Beiley’s around 1:15 a.m. and saw her double-fisting drinks.

At the after-party, Nkem said he witnessed Sadiq and the woman making out and drove the group back to the student residence.

While he had been drinking, Nkem said he was still good to drive.

At the university residence building in McEown Park, Nkem said he saw the alleged victim lead Sadiq into a bedroom and at one point heard someone dash into a bathroom from that exact bedroom.

Knocking on the door, Nkem entered the bedroom to grab a camera inside. When he flicked on the light, he said he saw the woman awake and naked on the bed, describing the situation as “awkward.”

Apologizing, Nkem said he shut off the lights, cracked the door open enough so the hallway light shone into the room so he could find the camera he had taken pictures with all night.

Inside the room, Nkem testified that the woman initiated oral sex and he was “in shock” as he undid his pants.

Nkem alleges the woman said to him vaginal intercourse would follow, with Nkem saying he asked her twice if she was sure before proceeding.

The unprotected, quick sexual encounter would last only a minute said Nkem, after he was “weirded out” thinking Sadiq would come back.

He would leave the bedroom and go home to sleep, at 4:39 a.m. the building’s security video shows Nkem leaving.

During cross-examination the Crown suggested the woman was passed out when Nkem entered the room, he anally penetrated her, the alleged victim asked him to stop and he told her to shut up.

“I’ll have to disagree with you on that,” said Nkem on the stand.

Earlier this week, court heard from the alleged victim who believes she was drugged and was raped three different times the morning of Jan 1, 2012.

“I was hurting and I wanted it to stop,” said the alleged victim.

Closing arguments for this trial have been scheduled for July 21.

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