BLOG: Morning News Rewind – June 9 – Saskatoon

On Monday’s Morning News, Jessica learns about a new hair straightening product in Saskatoon Style and finds out how lentils can be used in summer salads in Food for Thought, Joel speaks with recording artists HunnyB about her upcoming EP release, Melissa finds out more about free summer fitness programs and Morgan Hackl from the Saskatoon Fire Department was in with fire prevention tips.

New styling product for hair straightening

I don’t have curly hair, but growing up with my sister who does, I know all too well the ‘challenges’ curly haired people face daily.

Personally, I love curly hair and wish I had it… I bet I would have a change of heart if I did have it.

If YOU do have the curls and would rather not, Capelli Salon Studio is launching their new product this Friday, June 13 to help tame the fizz and keep the straight!

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HunnyB readies for record release

This morning I sat down with recording artist “HunnyB,” also known as Melissa Veszi, who was raised in Saskatoon. She is back in town for a pre-launch and listening party on June 10 at the Remai Arts Centre for her upcoming EP, with the proceeds from the event going towards the Persephone Theatre.

Melissa has an interesting story; she graduated from Aden Bowman Collegiate and has moved around North America and Europe as she pursued a career in music. She recorded her upcoming EP in Toronto, Atlanta, Miami and even London, England. She said the different cultures from those places have found their way into the recordings.

I believe that music is one of the best ways to connect each region and culture to one another. Veszi is a good example of this; a Saskatoon-born girl that’s been able to travel, learn and gather from other cultures, and bring it all back here to debut her EP.

Free outdoor fitness classes

I can’t think of a better way to spend the summer than being outdoors and staying fit (while working on my tan of course). Hosting free fitness lessons outdoors at Kiwanis Park North is a wonderful way to get the community healthy whether or not they are able to afford the lessons.

Today Jana was wonderful enough to give us a taste of what you can expect from her session which will begin next week. Jana is the owner of Lead Pilates and feels it’s important to teach people things they can take home with them.

I learned that a simple stretch like the one we learned with the magic ring can go a long way! The summer outdoor fitness classes began last week and will be hosted all summer long!

Cooking with lentils

In my mind, a lentil salad is the perfect summer dish! I learned today that Saskatchewan produces 99% of all lentils in the country!! What a stat. 苏州纹眉lentils苏州纹眉 has more tasty recipes if you’re in the market to change up your summer meals.

Fire prevention education

The Saskatoon Fire Department is concerned over the increase in fires caused by improperly disposed cigarette butts and assistant chief Morgan Hackl has advice to reduce the risk.

Joel and Kevin preview Tuesday’s Morning News

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